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Pre-Order - Texture Talks Deep Conditioning Treatment Heat/Steamer Hat for Afro and Curly Hair. - Black

Pre-Order - Texture Talks Deep Conditioning Treatment Heat/Steamer Hat for Afro and Curly Hair. - Black

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Texture Talks Deep Conditioning Treatment Heat/Steamer Hat for Afro and Curly Hair.

The Texture Talks Heat Hat is a flame-retardant electronic temperature control heating cap with 10 heat settings from 30 to 60 degrees and 3 timer settings of 20, 30, and 45 minutes.

It is lined with a detachable sliver of waterproof double-layer cloth fibre for a balanced temperature and easier cleaning.

When the heat hat reaches its highest heat level (150°F/65°C), it will automatically reduce the heat to 113°F/45°C and build back up again to whatever heat level you've selected. This is to reduce overheating as a safety precaution.

Once your timer has finished, the heat will automatically turn itself off.


Heat hats help retain moisture by creating a warm environment that opens up the hair cuticle. This allows deep conditioners and moisturizing treatments to penetrate the hair shaft more effectively, resulting in softer, more moisturised hair that stays moisturised for longer.

The heat building and receding means there is never too much aggressively hot heat sitting directly on your hair strands at any one time. Low-level dry heat is a great way to help product better penetrate your hair strands, daily if needed, without causing damage to your hair.


She should apply her leave-in conditioner for 10 - 15 minutes daily after applying it to help the products better penetrate her afro day to day. In doing this, her afro, which is completely unmanipulated (not styled or twisted), should dry out faster and stay moisturised all day.

For 30 - 60 minutes as an alternative to a steam treatment, weekly, after shampooing her afro, with a deep conditioning treatment. Then she rinses and styles with her leave-in, following the bullet point above.

For 20 - 30 minutes with an oil treatment to help the oil get deeper into her afro.


Try to use level 9 for the maximum heat. Level 10 will take you close to the maximum heat level, which will cut out more frequently as a safety measure to help avoid the hat overheating. It's a similar level of heat but stays hot at that temperature for longer.

For additional heat, feel free to remove the inner layer, but please ensure your shower cap is on and you wipe the inside of the hat as and when necessary to avoid product buildup inside the hat.

If you want to use it for 15 minutes, set a timer on your phone, as the 3 settings are for 20, 30, and 45 minutes, so you know when to take it off. If you want to use it for an hour, once your 45 minutes is over and your hat's heat has been reduced, simply turn it on and off, choose any time and heat level and set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes.


The money I make from these hats will allow me to invest back into the afro and curly-haired community through events, workshops, shows, and collaborations.

As a one-woman band hustling away, I often have to rely on brands to be able to create the content that I want for us all to help educate us on our journeys; the sales of these heat hats not only make sense because I use these exact one, and absolutely love the results I've been seeing, but will also help me to have some freedom and flexibility in how I can help us all without being at the beck and call of others that don't always share the same vision.

Thank you so much for your support. It means everything. 🙏🏽

This is a pre-order. Our first round of heat hats is targeted to be processed by the end of this month and shipped/posted out to you on or by the first week of June.

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